Rust and Ruffles
These cookies have really made a name for themselves around my neck of the woods. They are the most perfect chewy chocolate chip cookie you have ever sunk your teeth into. Trust me….

1 Cup Softened Butter

3/4 Cup White Sugar

1 Cup Brown Sugar

1-1/2 tsp Vanilla

2 Eggs

1 tsp Baking Soda

1 tsp Salt

2-1/4 Cup Flour

6 oz Chocolate Chips

Preheat to 375

Cream butter, both sugars, and vanilla

Beat in eggs

Stir in salt, baking soda, and flour

Fold in chocolate chips

Drop by spoonful on un-greased cookie sheet

Bake 7-1/2-8 minutes

Final and most important step (according to Kyler)-Eat them all while they are gooey and warm…

Rust and Ruffles

 Kyler and I are currently renting a house, which drives us both bonkers. We are definitely the nesting type and both have a constant itch to fix and fiddle. Like, “lets put in grass, plant flowers, and paint walls and hang a gazillion pictures even though we will be moving in a year” type. So, you can only imagine how much the white walls of a rental house drive us, not to mention the interior designer in me, crazy. In the past three rentals we have lived in, I have found an easy way to add some warmth and texture that doesn’t involve involve anything too permanent or costly. However, it still creates a focal point that feels custom. So it’s perfect for renters! It of course involves one of our favorite materials, wood.

 Now, I promise to all pinterest lovers that I have had this pallet hanging on my wall for the past four years. I like to think I was ahead of the current pallet infatuation, but hey you never know. We found a nicely beat up pallet and lightly sanded it. Then, to add some more variation in color, we burned it slightly with a torch.

The wood easily adds a custom feel to a space, much faster than say barnwood planking an entire wall, which we definitely couldn’t do in a rental, but the real impact of this wall decor is all in the styling.

 I have used multiple textures, tones and sizes of accessories, including mirrors, candles, and photos, all the while keeping within a consistent theme of black and white, glass, and silver.

I added a lasso for Kyler and some lace for me and called it day! Let me know what you think.

This weekend I was definitely craving a little project. We plan to completely refinish our outdoor bar and BBQ unit that Kyler’s Grandma gave to us and Kyler drove all the way from Arizona to California in a Uhaul to pick up (stay tuned!). However, this weekend we weren’t that ambitious. Instead, I settled for creating a couple planters from Kyler’s garage sale steal that we used at our wedding and are now giving new life to.

Rust and Ruffles Wine Barrel

The barrels have just been sitting in our backyard collecting dust…and small varmints…seriously. 

If you can get your hands on authentic whiskey/wine barrels, they are an amazing find! (We know ours are whiskey because they still smell of a lovely vanilla infused bourbon, at least that’s what I tell myself the stench is…) Anyway, they are great because they will last in the weather, such as our harsh snowy winters and ABNORMAL 95 degree summer heat we are currently experiencing. Plus, the barrel wood gives you a way more authentic and rustic feel, for right around the same price, if not less expensive, than anything you can find at hardware stores. Trust me, I looked.

Rust and Ruffles-Flowers

I selected a few perennials with the hopes I can keep them alive and they will come back year after year.

Rust and Ruffles-Wine Barrel

Then I found myself a brave soul, aka my husband, to cut the precarious barrels in half, then I gave them a little rinse.

Rust and Ruffles-Cut Barrel

Then I did a little planting…So simple, and it made a huge impact on how our backyard looks. Happy Summer!

Rusting and Ruffles-Planting1

Rust and Ruffles-Planting2

Rust and Ruffles-Planter Box1


Rust and Ruffles-Planter2

Rustic Succulents

It’s a well known fact in my family that I don’t have the greenest of thumbs, and it’s not because I don’t try. I’m not going around and watering the plants with wine so they spontaneously combust within a week or anything. They normally just die a slow and painful death. Succulent

So this spring, when I started to get the flower and greenery itch, I decided to not have such lofty goals, hence the succulents.


Another well know fact is that I am constantly meddling, moving and re-staging all of my accessories. A good home is never done, right? Right.

Rustic Succulent Centerpiece

My mom picked me up this cute barnwood pot holder and the succulents became the newest addition to my dining room table.

I hear bets are being placed on how long they’ll last.  Poor things.

Rustic Centerpiece

Rustic Lantern Centerpiece

 For the guest table centerpieces I wanted to incorporate varying heights and materials. We used rustic wood lanterns and multiple sizes of lace and ruffle trimmed mason jars and vases.

Rustic Lantern Centerpiece

I added a little lace and texture with real lace doilies in the center of the tables. Every table was a little different and had its own character.

Rustic Tables

 Peacock feathers were the perfect compliment to the romantic lisianthus in all the tall bottles and also added a little more height. Mercury glass votives with candles were also scattered around the table.

Coffee Favor

Kyler and I share a deep obsession for coffee.  So, as our favor, we created a custom coffee blend with our local coffee shop that perfectly represented our tastes.

Rustic Wedding Table

One of the first things I bought for the wedding were these nickel antler candlesticks. We used them on the head table, along with a 30′ runner Kyler’s mom made from old fabric books and trimmed in a burlap ruffle.

Rust and Ruffles Barnwood Nightstands

For my birthday this year I decided it was time for some coordinating nightstands to replace our thrift store finds. We chose  a simple design because we were going to be using the reclaimed barnwood again, which already has a lot of texture and coloring.

Rust and Ruffles Barnwood Nightstand in Progress

I knew I wanted some metal to break up the wood and that I would LOVE them to have a drawer and door for added storage. Kyler discovered that drawers are a pain in the butt to construct. The corrugated metal also isn’t the easiest material to work with, but of course he made it work.

Rust and Ruffles Barnwood Nightstand in Progress

After Kyler finished the hard part, we did a couple passes of light sanding and sealed it with a clear coat. We selected metal pulls that had a lacey leaf pattern to add a little Me to the Kyler. They also tied in nicely with our paisley print duvet.

Rust and Ruffles Barnwood Nightstand

One of the best things about reclaimed barn wood is its texture and slight variation in tones.  This specific batch has great patterns from the blades when the boards were originally milled.

Rust and Ruffles Barnwood Nightstand Detail

This was the finished product.  The barnwood looks amazing with the contrast of the vibrant green vintage lamp I rescued from a garage sale.  A couple coats of spray paint and a new shade made it the perfect addition to our bedroom.

Rust and Ruffles Barnwood Nightstand

Rust and Ruffles Ceremony

Our wedding was the perfect time for me to pinpoint who Kyler and I are as a couple when it comes to our design style. Your wedding, just like your home, should be the perfect representation of who you and your partner are together. So this a was a great eye opener for us to take a step back and really nail down what we each like and make it work together.

Barnwood Wall

I knew I wanted lace and ruffles throughout. True to our thrifty nature, and our just starting our budget, we scoured garage sales, old fabrics from my work, friends and families collections of lace and trinkets, and stock piles of barn wood to create our look.  I also bought large amounts of burlap and tulle as well as other accessories.

Barnwood Wall and Ruffles

Kyler is a good ol’ cowboy at heart, so there was going to be a bit of country flair. We wanted to have a barn wedding, but our barn venue fell through about three months before our wedding date!

Barnwood Burlap Ruffle

After a minor panic attack, to say the least, we decided Kyler could build us a barn and I could definitely channel a barn with the decor.  So that’s what we did, in a beautiful meadow, in the middle of nowhere.

Lace Cupcake Table

Behind the head and cupcake tables, we created a barn wood wall within our tent, trimmed with burlap panels, and tulle and burlap ruffle garlands, painstakingly ruffled by my mama.  I made the garland trim on the table from scrap lacey fabrics.

Rustic Cupcake Table

The cupcake table was adorned with lace, metal, and wood accents. The varying heights and materials gave it a great country eclectic feel. My amazing co-workers staged everything beautifully the day of.

Pallet Sign in Table

My sister was in charge of the sign-in table, which displayed the past 8 years of Kyler and I’s lives together strung up on old pallets complete with vintage shot glasses and mason jars from my Grandmas collection.

Pallet Decor

(Yes, that is a lasso and those are Kyler’s cowboy boots from when he was a baby!) 

Wine Barrel Cocktail Tables

 Even our wine barrel cocktail tables had a little bit of ruffle to them!

Kale Smoothie

I have been feeling a little bit under the weather lately, so I decided a kale smoothie was just what I needed to start getting better.

Kale Smoothie Step One

I used what frozen fruit I had on hand and it turned out to be the perfect combination.

Kale Smoothie Part 2

Here’s the recipe.

One whole banana

About four frozen strawberries

Five chunks of frozen mango

One cup of frozen kale

A cup of orange juice


Kale Smoothie Step 3

Don’t be scared, it will start looking like a beautiful green smoothie in no time.

Kale Smoothie Final

TaDa!  I have to admit, I have been a little freaked out of jumping on the kale wagon, but honestly, if you blend it well enough, you can’t even tell there is a veggie hiding in there.


First, let me introduce my husband, who gets all the credit for making my ideas actually function. Kyler has a mechanics brain and is a skilled craftsman.  The running joke in our house is that we both have creative minds, they just don’t communicate with each other, at least in the beginning of a project. By the end they are usually on the same page.

Kyler's Fishy

Thank goodness!

Our first project was our bed.  It was my birthday present from Kyler last year. It is the perfect symbol of who we are, rustic with a touch of glamour. Kyler found us a secret stash of reclaimed barn wood and beams. I set about figuring out a way to soften the lines and give it a more feminine feel.

Kyler and Ryder in the Garage

I was very concerned with getting the right rhythm with the different widths of boards, so we played around with this a lot, making sure the color and width of the planks were varied.

I decided that cutting a classic vintage silhouette into the headboard would be the most effective way to add a little glamour. The scale of the headboard also added to its impact. (It barely fits through our door jams!)

Barnwood Bed Progress

Kyler figured out the logistics complete with beams on the four corners, capped with metal, just to add a little bling. We also put metal inserts in the knots on the headboard to add a little more sparkle.

Barnwood Bed Post Detail

A little sanding, staining, and hammering later…and we had a beautiful reclaimed barn wood bed.

Rust and Ruffles Barnwood Bed