Our First Project-Rustic Glamour

First, let me introduce my husband, who gets all the credit for making my ideas actually function. Kyler has a mechanics brain and is a skilled craftsman.  The running joke in our house is that we both have creative minds, they just don’t communicate with each other, at least in the beginning of a project. By the end they are usually on the same page.

Kyler's Fishy

Thank goodness!

Our first project was our bed.  It was my birthday present from Kyler last year. It is the perfect symbol of who we are, rustic with a touch of glamour. Kyler found us a secret stash of reclaimed barn wood and beams. I set about figuring out a way to soften the lines and give it a more feminine feel.

Kyler and Ryder in the Garage

I was very concerned with getting the right rhythm with the different widths of boards, so we played around with this a lot, making sure the color and width of the planks were varied.

I decided that cutting a classic vintage silhouette into the headboard would be the most effective way to add a little glamour. The scale of the headboard also added to its impact. (It barely fits through our door jams!)

Barnwood Bed Progress

Kyler figured out the logistics complete with beams on the four corners, capped with metal, just to add a little bling. We also put metal inserts in the knots on the headboard to add a little more sparkle.

Barnwood Bed Post Detail

A little sanding, staining, and hammering later…and we had a beautiful reclaimed barn wood bed.

Rust and Ruffles Barnwood Bed