A&K Wedding-The Decor

Rust and Ruffles Ceremony

Our wedding was the perfect time for me to pinpoint who Kyler and I are as a couple when it comes to our design style. Your wedding, just like your home, should be the perfect representation of who you and your partner are together. So this a was a great eye opener for us to take a step back and really nail down what we each like and make it work together.

Barnwood Wall

I knew I wanted lace and ruffles throughout. True to our thrifty nature, and our just starting our budget, we scoured garage sales, old fabrics from my work, friends and families collections of lace and trinkets, and stock piles of barn wood to create our look.  I also bought large amounts of burlap and tulle as well as other accessories.

Barnwood Wall and Ruffles

Kyler is a good ol’ cowboy at heart, so there was going to be a bit of country flair. We wanted to have a barn wedding, but our barn venue fell through about three months before our wedding date!

Barnwood Burlap Ruffle

After a minor panic attack, to say the least, we decided Kyler could build us a barn and I could definitely channel a barn with the decor.  So that’s what we did, in a beautiful meadow, in the middle of nowhere.

Lace Cupcake Table

Behind the head and cupcake tables, we created a barn wood wall within our tent, trimmed with burlap panels, and tulle and burlap ruffle garlands, painstakingly ruffled by my mama.  I made the garland trim on the table from scrap lacey fabrics.

Rustic Cupcake Table

The cupcake table was adorned with lace, metal, and wood accents. The varying heights and materials gave it a great country eclectic feel. My amazing co-workers staged everything beautifully the day of.

Pallet Sign in Table

My sister was in charge of the sign-in table, which displayed the past 8 years of Kyler and I’s lives together strung up on old pallets complete with vintage shot glasses and mason jars from my Grandmas collection.

Pallet Decor

(Yes, that is a lasso and those are Kyler’s cowboy boots from when he was a baby!) 

Wine Barrel Cocktail Tables

 Even our wine barrel cocktail tables had a little bit of ruffle to them!