Succulents of Spring

Rustic Succulents

It’s a well known fact in my family that I don’t have the greenest of thumbs, and it’s not because I don’t try. I’m not going around and watering the¬†plants with wine so they spontaneously combust within a week or anything. They normally just die a slow and painful death. Succulent

So this spring, when I started to get the flower and greenery itch, I decided to not have such lofty goals, hence the succulents.


Another well know fact is that I am constantly meddling, moving and re-staging all of my accessories. A good home is never done, right? Right.

Rustic Succulent Centerpiece

My mom picked me up this cute barnwood pot holder and the succulents became the newest addition to my dining room table.

I hear bets are being placed on how long they’ll last. ¬†Poor things.

Rustic Centerpiece