The Whiskey Barrel Planter

This weekend I was definitely craving a little project. We plan to completely refinish our outdoor bar and BBQ unit that Kyler’s Grandma gave to us and Kyler drove all the way from Arizona to California in a Uhaul to pick up (stay tuned!). However, this weekend we weren’t that ambitious. Instead, I settled for creating a couple planters from Kyler’s garage sale steal that we used at our wedding and are now giving new life to.

Rust and Ruffles Wine Barrel

The barrels have just been sitting in our backyard collecting dust…and small varmints…seriously. 

If you can get your hands on authentic whiskey/wine barrels, they are an amazing find! (We know ours are whiskey because they still smell of a lovely vanilla infused bourbon, at least that’s what I tell myself the stench is…) Anyway, they are great because they will last in the weather, such as our harsh snowy winters and ABNORMAL 95 degree summer heat we are currently experiencing. Plus, the barrel wood gives you a way more authentic and rustic feel, for right around the same price, if not less expensive, than anything you can find at hardware stores. Trust me, I looked.

Rust and Ruffles-Flowers

I selected a few perennials with the hopes I can keep them alive and they will come back year after year.

Rust and Ruffles-Wine Barrel

Then I found myself a brave soul, aka my husband, to cut the precarious barrels in half, then I gave them a little rinse.

Rust and Ruffles-Cut Barrel

Then I did a little planting…So simple, and it made a huge impact on how our backyard looks. Happy Summer!

Rusting and Ruffles-Planting1

Rust and Ruffles-Planting2

Rust and Ruffles-Planter Box1


Rust and Ruffles-Planter2