How To Add A Little Rustic Warmth To Your Home

 Kyler and I are currently renting a house, which drives us both bonkers. We are definitely the nesting type and both have a constant itch to fix and fiddle. Like, “lets put in grass, plant flowers, and paint walls and hang a gazillion pictures even though we will be moving in a year” type. So, you can only imagine how much the white walls of a rental house drive us, not to mention the interior designer in me, crazy. In the past three rentals we have lived in, I have found an easy way to add some warmth and texture that doesn’t involve involve anything too permanent or costly. However, it still creates a focal point that feels custom. So it’s perfect for renters! It of course involves one of our favorite materials, wood.

 Now, I promise to all pinterest lovers that I have had this pallet hanging on my wall for the past four years. I like to think I was ahead of the current pallet infatuation, but hey you never know. We found a nicely beat up pallet and lightly sanded it. Then, to add some more variation in color, we burned it slightly with a torch.

The wood easily adds a custom feel to a space, much faster than say barnwood planking an entire wall, which we definitely couldn’t do in a rental, but the real impact of this wall decor is all in the styling.

 I have used multiple textures, tones and sizes of accessories, including mirrors, candles, and photos, all the while keeping within a consistent theme of black and white, glass, and silver.

I added a lasso for Kyler and some lace for me and called it day! Let me know what you think.